If you're looking for someone to offer personalized massage therapy at your business,

you've come to the right place!


I'm always looking for businesses to collaborate with and new ways to offer massage therapy. There are 2 ways that I can help you offer massage at your business. One way is through events where I come in for a set amount of hours (2-4 hours) and

offer 10-15 minute sessions. I bring all of the equipment, set up and clean up afterwards.


These sessions are fully clothed and can be done on a massage table or massage chair depending on your space and preference. I offer two types of pricing* for these events.

  • $100/hr to offer free massages 

  • $70/hr to offer pay-what-you-want massages


If your employees/members show a lot of interest, the second option is to offer massage at your space on a more regular basis (monthly, bi-weekly, etc). This pricing varies.


Email me to start the conversation

*I'm committed to offering massage at an affordable price, so if you have another number in mind that would work

better with your budget, I'm always open to the discussion.