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The Ultimate Traveler's Massage

March 13, 2017

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The Ultimate Traveler's Massage

March 13, 2017


I love when I get clients who have just been traveling. Whether they were out of the country for 6 months or just have frequent business trips to LA, travelers are some of my favorite clients. Coincidentally, in the world of massage you end up with waves of clients that lead you to delve deeper into one issue or another. You expand your knowledge on that particular issue that keeps popping up and strive to become an expert on it. This is what happened to me when, all of a sudden, every client I saw was an avid traveler!  


This influx of travelers on my massage table were all complaining of a similar set of travel-related discomforts. Traveling takes a lot out of us. You have to navigate through a new place, find new places to eat, and maybe deal with a new language barrier, which means your body is constantly on high alert (think fight or flight). Your immune system is also running on high as you consume new foods, are introduced to new environments and, of course, the horrors of recycled airplane air. Your body is working overtime. Combine that with uncomfortable airplane seats, lots of walking around (usually), and sleeping in different beds, you’re not going to feel 100% when you get home. These travelers were looking for the most efficient way to get back to normal, so, like any good massage therapist, I responded to this influx by working with my clients.


Through numerous sessions and conversations, we worked together to figure out which techniques worked best, which techniques weren't necessary, and what the most common complaints were. Together, we came up with an efficient combination of massage techniques to prevent and ease those common travel ailments.​


The Traveler's Massage

Swedish and Craniosacral Therapy (relaxation/reduces anxiety/restores homeostasis)

Deep tissue techniques (aches/pains)

Lymphatic Massage (boosts immune system/gut health)

Neuromuscular Therapy and Stretching (getting those cramped airplane kinks out)


How exactly does massage help? I’m glad you asked...


I’ve mentioned the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) versus the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) in previous posts. We live in sympathetic mode most of the time, except during meditation, sleep and massage. My main priority as a massage therapist is to get your body into parasympathetic as soon as possible. Your body cannot heal itself until it has tapped into this rest and digest state. This is ultra important for clients who have been traveling because your body is exhausted, whether you feel it or not. This is where Swedish and Craniosacral Therapy come in. They are all gentle and soothing techniques that will help your body easily enter this meditative state.


Once you’ve dropped into your most restful state, then the healing can begin. Massage is largely a tool to help your body heal itself. Keep in mind that we are not miracle workers, one touch from our hands does magically reverse your ailments, we just use techniques and specificity to remind your body where it needs to send in the repair team. This is where deep tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy and stretching come into play. These techniques all remind the body of where healing needs to take place. They bring awareness to that area and begin the process of reducing tension.


Lymphatic massage is another important piece of this puzzle. This system does not have a pump of its own and therefore relies on our movement or manual stimulation (massage) to get it going.  When we travel our lymph system can get sluggish and does not transport cellular waste the way it should. This can lead to sickness, malaise, digestive issues and many other ailments. The good news here is that travel-related discomfort is easily reversed and it usually takes just one session! 


This massage package isn’t just for travelers, though! If you’re recovering from a sickness, dealing with anxiety/depression/mental fog, or just feel like you need a reset button, this massage will also work wonders for you.


BOOK HERE and we’ll get you rebalanced and back on track!


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