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The Ultimate Traveler's Massage

March 13, 2017

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Why 2017 Should be the Year of More Massage

January 1, 2017


The biggest mistake most massage clients make is that they tend to book a session once they are in serious discomfort or pain. The second biggest mistake is that clients wait too long to book a follow up (re: waiting until they feel discomfort or pain). This does not mean they wait "until it’s too late", this just means they are making their journey to recovery a little longer than necessary. Just like regular exercise, eating properly, and drinking plenty of water, massage should be part of your regular health regimen.


Western medicine is slowly getting on board with the idea that massage is beneficial when incorporated into your lifestyle beyond an annual spa day or special treat. The FDA is currently asking for comments on the benefits of massage as a way to manage pain as an alternative to opioids. Opioids have been prescribed and abused for decades, so it is definitely time for the health industry to begin to prescribe healthier options for pain management like regular massage. Taking the time to get massage on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) will help you manage your pain. Why is this regularity so important?


Expecting to reverse your discomfort with an annual massage is like going to the gym once a year and expecting to have a six-pack. Your body has to work harder to receive and integrate the benefits of massage. Sometimes your body needs a few sessions to start to accept the changes massage is influencing, sometimes you may feel a bit worse (healing is a process) after your first session, sometimes you feel great immediately; every body is different. That being said, it is basically impossible to “cure” a client who has had low back pain for 5 years with a 60 minute session. If it took your body 5 years to get to this state, it will take at least a year of regular bodywork to manage that pain. Massage is not a quick fix, give your body a realistic amount of time to heal and it will thank you.


2017 is the year for you to finally get regular massage. The good news is, I make it extra easy for you to add massage into your existing routine. I have chosen to offer house calls and priced my sessions the same as most spas. Why not give it a shot and see how good your body can feel with regular massage? 


All you have to do is take the time to book a session!

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