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The Ultimate Traveler's Massage

March 13, 2017

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Personalized In-Home Massage is Definitely the Best

February 6, 2017

Let me tell you a secret about being a massage therapist, we don’t care what type of session you booked! This might sound neglectful or rude, but let me explain what I mean.


The simple reason begins with the fact that our bodies are intricate and unique structures. Each muscle has a specific job to do and everyone uses each muscle in a different way depending on their frame and lifestyle. When you think about your body as the unique vessel that it is, you might begin to wonder: Why would your massage therapist treat each muscle with only ONE technique? The easiest way to find the right therapist for you is to find the therapist that customizes their sessions for you. If you are getting the same routine every time you book, they are not paying attention to your body.  This is why I don't label my sessions "Swedish" or "Deep Tissue" or "Sports". 


A real life scenario might go something like this...


Client A booked a 60 minute deep tissue for $115. During the intake, the therapist might learn that ‘A’ has just finished their first marathon and deep tissue would be counterintuitive and potentially destructive to their already fatigued muscles. The therapist would therefore conclude that ‘A’ actually needs lighter, more restorative work today and possibly some stretching.


Client B booked a 60 minute Swedish for $105. This therapist listens actively while they describe the rough couple of weeks at work which has resulted in extra tension in their neck and shoulders. ‘B’ also explains that they just started getting back into the gym, however, they aren’t particularly sore today because their muscles have gotten used to regular exercise. Knowing all of this, it turns out they will actually get the most benefit from a mix of sports massage, deep tissue and Swedish.


A therapist who is attentive and professional will give each client what their body needs on that particular day. They will listen to what their client is saying and they will usually respond by telling you their game plan and why they are choosing certain techniques. Ultimately, we are here for you and your massage is your time, so don't hesitate to ask questions or for clarification about techniques you are unfamiliar with. Your massage is your time, so don't waste your time on massage therapists who don't choose to personalize their sessions.


I am a therapist who chooses to offer in-home personalized massage. I'm here to create the best space for you to honor, heal, and learn about your body.  No more routine massages and no more stress getting to and from appointments. Picture this:


You get home after work, you make a cup of tea or have a snack and then there’s a knock at your door. It’s your massage therapist. While they set up their table, you chat about what is going on with your body and what you want to focus on. They leave the room while you get ready and settle down on the table. You enjoy your session, grab a glass of water and your therapist packs up and leaves.


This is why I love doing in-home massage. I want my clients to be as comfortable as possible and what’s more comfortable than being in your own home? The clients I visit at home are always more inclined to speak up when they want small adjustments or if they have questions because they feel empowered by having me in THEIR space. This is great for me as a massage therapist! This level of comfort and communication allows for the highest level of customization.


The other benefit to you is that your body can just relax, uninterrupted, after your session. When you have a massage at a spa, you have to travel home. Your body has to jump from deep relaxation into high-alert in order to navigate traffic or public transportation. This can be jarring and can inhibit the benefits of the bodywork you just received. I want you to be able to integrate the work we did, not reverse it.


The final benefit is that you have the freedom to request little upgrades or changes to your session that aren’t always possible in a spa. If you’d like me to incorporate an essential oil you just bought or do some facial massage with your favorite mask or night cream, we can do that! If you have a new playlist you’d like to listen to that relaxes you, put it on! Do you have a favorite candle? Light it. It’s the little touches like these that make the session 100% yours and that’s the point. As massage therapists we’re here to help you!


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